Dear Friends:
        Welcome to our ministry spotlight page. UMAMN H&P Team will spotlight several of the ministries that receive grants. The purpose is not only to be transparent with the funds entrusted to us through the Advanced Special, but to also show some examples of how churches throughout Appalachia are addressing hunger and poverty issues. Although this type of ministry is unique to each community there are many things we could learn from each other, so please peruse the following. Please add these ministries to your prayer list and consider supporting UMAMN H&P GRANT TEAM  General Advance Special (#982039)

Solar Samaritans Ministry
Rev. Dale Shunk says in the Interlink: "This is not just a handout. This is not a patch. This is long-term help," he added. "They are already seeing significant results. We are leasing them to the families because we are going to maintain them and we want to maintain contact with the families." Families pay about $5 a month for the lease. One, Shunk said, had already saved $80 on the first month's electric bill. "The Lord is blessing this ministry," Shunk said. "Two guys joined the church a few weeks ago by profession of faith. Now they see the church doing something that nobody else is doing. They see the church as doing something positive and it's something they want to be a part of."

You can support them here
Solar Samaritans Ministry
149 West Patriot Street
        Somerset, PA 15501
814-445-5736 (OFFICE) 
445-4912 (Fax)
Feed My Lambs Backpack Program
        The goal of the Feed My Lambs Backpack Program is to provide nutritious, shelf stable, child friendly food to children who may not have enough to eat on weekends and holiday breaks. Both Critzer and Pulaski Elementary Schools have about 80% of their students receiving free and reduced price lunches. The average for free and reduced price lunches for all Pulaski County Schools is 50.61 %. With the help of guidance counselors at both schools we are able to identify students who may be at risk of not having enough to eat on weekends and over holiday breaks. After receiving parental permission, we prepare a backpack for each child to go home each Friday or the last day of school before a break. Each backpack contains two breakfasts, two lunches, three dinners, three snacks and one drink. Additional food is included during long weekends and holidays. The number of parents requesting backpacks for their children has grown as the economy has become more depressed. This year a large number of parents sought out the guidance counselor during open house so that they could get their children signed up for the backpack program. Our program also includes siblings of students at both Schools in order to help the parents stretch their food budget farther each month. The objective for this year is to increase the number of students served by going from 160 per week to 200 per week for the 2012-2013 academic year. We increased from 120 to 160 last year.
Beacon of Hope
Beacon of Hope is an outreach ministry started by Church Street in partnership with Vestal UMC in February 2014. It has touched a number of needy families during its first year of operations. Additional partners supporting this ministry include Mountain View UMC, First Baptist Church, lake Hills Presbyterian Church and Compassion Coalition. A Beacon of Hope ministry Open House was held on May 18, 2014 and hosted by the Vestal UMC congregation. A ribbon cutting ceremony (pictured below) was held with Rev. Andy Ferguson and Rev. Tim York officiating. Programs initiated and major 2014 accomplishments included:
Benevolence Assistance-This program responded to over 223 requests for assistance by providing $6,500 to partially meet rent, utility, transportation and auto repair needs.
Sharing Shop South-Our {clothing/toiletry) ministry has engaged over 570 families by providing free items valued at over $22,000 during its first 6 months of operation.
The Getting Ahead program is an investigator led class designed to allow selected individuals to examine the causes of poverty and develop avenues
of escaping its grasp.
Food Co-op - This program was initiated with financial support from First Baptist
Church and donations provided by Church Street UMC & Mountain View UMC members. Since its inception, 167 family members have received over $ 10,020 worth of emergency food.