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United Methodist Appalachian
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Developing coordinated ministries that seek justice for all God's people in Appalachia
Hunger and Poverty
2020 Grant Application
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What/Who Is Appalachia?
Appalachia is a 205,000 square-mile region that extends from southern New York to northern Mississippi. All or a portion of 20 United Methodist conferences fall within Appalachia, and the region contains over 9,500 United Methodist churches. Appalachian has a population of over 25 million people, of which over 40 percent are classified as rural. In comparison, only 20 percent of total population of the United States is classied as rural. The Appalachian region generally follows the Appalachian mountain chain, which has been a foundation for the culture, history, and heritage of the Appalachian people. Coal mining, agriculture, and manufacturing are the traditional economic drivers in the region; however, all three industries have experienced major declines, resulting in rollercoaster unemployment, low per capita income (82% of the national average), and a 16.6% poverty rate.
Hunger and Poverty
Please have a look at the Grant application and consider applying for up to $2500.00. The criteria is listed on the application. If you need help please email to I will monitor the web mail and get back to you as quickly as possible. You may send any completed applications to the above e-mail as well. So please submit  your app asap!
Pastor John Baney
Executive Chair

H&P Ministry